“Jeannie Newman, President of JZN Associates, is a lively, interactive and purposeful professional woman. She designed the Women: Take Your Next Step three session workshop. Jeannie presented to a group of women who have long been in their chosen fields of profession, yet was able to engage each and every one of us with her wit, knowledge and lived experiences. Because of these workshops, I was able to embrace my professional self-worth in my place of employment, recognize that the work I do each day is important and that I deserve the best. The Women: Take Your Next Step workshop left me with not only one ‘ah-ha’ moment, but many. The information covered and practiced through prompting, exercise, calming techniques, prioritizing and peer driven conversation, debate and role-playing activities, I left each session with a feeling of awareness never identified before.
The lessons learned through the Women: Take Your Next Step Workshop have assisted greatly to further my career, increased self-confidence and allowed for self-praising for a job well done.
I highly recommend JZN Associates for future workshops. The information and presentation of materials is astoundingly useful and productive.”
ClairAnn Muddiman, TTW SR. Employment Consultant, L2, New England Business Associates

“Her presentation was engaging and interactive. She presented some new ways to help our church work through a stressful but exciting time.”
Kiaran Obrien, Owner, Elan Marketing

“Drawing from years of documented, exemplary customer interactions and supervisory performance, Jeannie Newman has measurably improved our [former] agency’s positive outcomes.”
Mary K. Shaird, currently Pathways to Success Coordinator at Springfield Technical Community College

“It was my pleasure to work with Jeannie and I highly endorse Jeannie for her professionalism.”
ClairAnn Muddiman, Ticket to Work Senior Employment Consultant at New England Business Associates

“Jeannie Newman is a brilliant manager, communicator, teacher, mentor and role model. A font of wisdom and wit, she gives far more than 100 percent of her energy and skills to her job and her employees. She has wonderful left brain-right brain synchronicity — she’s creative, innovative, logical and organized. Anyone who knows Jeannie or works with her is in for something special!”
Martha Davidson, Writer/Editor at The Lane Construction Corporation

“I had the privilege of working with Jeannie for over six years at Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc., (CPTV and WNPR). During that time the results of her knowledge and experience had a tremendous impact on the fiscal results and viability of the organization. Jeannie is highly respected by her colleagues and co-workers for her project management and team-building abilities. She is an innovative thinker who is able to present creative concepts and communicate their benefits effectively. In addition to her exceptional leadership skills, she is very well organized, diligent in her work, easily accessible, and always open to new ideas. Overall, Jeannie’s ability to manage diverse projects is excellent, and I would highly recommend her for any role in your pursuit to enhance your marketing and training efforts.”
Carol Sisco, Senior Director – Human Resources, Internships and Corporate Communications at Connecticut Public Broadcasting

“One of Jeannie’s gifts is her ability to encourage and motivate others to exceed their expectations and goals. This asset works well in a call center or marketing environment (where goal achievement translates into financial success affecting the bottom line). And it also works well in Jeannie’s present role as an instructor (where goal achievement translates into personal improvement and greater knowledge for her students). A lifelong learner, Jeannie is positive and open to new ideas and others’ perspectives – attributes that contribute to her professional success.”
Andy Thiede, SPHR, HR Consultant at KardasLarson