Jeannie NewmanJZN Associates offers a cornucopia of socialization, coping, and Emotional Intelligence solutions integrated with practical skills to agencies, schools, organizations, and corporations. In depth workshops can be delivered as a series of lunchtime workshops, half day events, or three hour increments over a period of time. The workshops are tailored to your business’s specific requirements. We begin with an Initial Assessment of Needs, which involves observation of your current process, followed by our recommendations.

Workshops include foundation, intermediate, and advanced modules. Each module typically includes the following components:

  • Theory
  • Practical application
  • Role playing
  • Brainstorming for solutions
  • Knowledge assessments

Workshops include, although are not limited to, the following topics:

  • Job Acquisition Campaign
  • Retention of A Valuable Employee
  • CustomerCentric Mindset
  • Cultural Attitude Adjustment
  • Fundraising Principles
  • Educating the Trainer
  • Your Employment Success

We also deliver informational and motivational talks to clients. Recent speaking engagements include Ace That Job Interview, Bridges Are for Building, Not Burning, Embracing Change, Overcoming Negative Narrations, and It’s Never Too Early to Start.