About Us

Jeannie NewmanJeannie Newman has worked in a number of industries during the course of her eclectic career, both in the private and non-profit arenas, and in start-up and turnaround operations. Whatever her title, she gravitated toward training employees, students, and clients in a variety of interpersonal skills and coping skills. That was her passion and expertise. She taught job search skills, customer service, fundraising, employee retention, and sales and marketing techniques. She created fundraising scripts and newsletters and contests.

Along the way, she was asked to speak at events and to present mini workshops for her current and previous employers and their networks. She has become known for her workshops, seminars, and interactive guided discussions.

Currently JZN Associates offers a variety of motivational and educational packages tailored specifically to client needs.


Pearl of Wisdom

One constituent complaint to you is the tip of the iceberg. For each complaint you hear, there are statistically 300+ negative comments about your business out there being heard by other.  How will you manage this complaint? Will you help your constituent become a loyal fan for life? The way you respond will determine your success.