JZN Associates Specializing in Professional Development Workshops and Seminars
JZN Associates offers a full menu of soft skill solutions to agencies, organizations, and corporations, such as motivational and informative talks, lunchtime learning sessions, half day events, and program series. Topics include, but are not limited to, Embracing Change, Training the Trainer, the CustomerCentric Mindset, Job Acquisition Campaigns, Your Employment Success, Building Constituent Loyalty, and Staff Retention. All programs are tailored to your corporation’s specific needs. If you do not see your exact topic listed here, ask. Possibilities abound.

Creating Positive Change

Corporate success rests on the success of its individual employees.

Employee success rests in part on technical skills, which are observable and measurable. Emotional intelligence, while being more difficult to define, quantify, or even explain~~~is immediately recognizable and key to individual and corporate advancement and success.

Emotional Intelligence~~~also called emotional IQ, interpersonal skills, or soft skills~~~refers to an array of personal characteristics that include empathy, friendliness, authenticity, a positive mental attitude, and good communication skills.

JZN Associates specializes in the professional development of the individual’s Emotional Intelligence for subsequent corporate and personal success.